When Should Children Visit The Orthodontist For The First Time?

When most people imagine an orthodontist’s typical clientele, they probably picture a teenager with a mouth full of metal. But as we discovered in the types of oral health professionals, orthodontists do more than just straighten teeth. And people of all ages, not just teens, can benefit from visiting an orthodontist—including children.

When is it time for kids to visit the orthodontist?
Orthodontists can detect subtle clues that indicate problems with jaw growth and development of emerging teeth even while baby teeth are still present. That’s why we recommend bringing your child in to see an orthodontist around age 7 or 8.

Why take your kids to the orthodontist early?
Examining them at this stage of oral development can give us a wealth of information, a great starting place to build healthy habits, and enough time to correct emerging issues! Early oral and orthodontic health leads to proper jaw alignment which helps proper bite, chewing, and even speech.
Exams at age 7 may give your orthodontist the chance to:
• guide jaw growth
• guide permanent teeth into more favorable positions
• correct harmful oral habits
• improve your child’s smile and overall appearance
• improve the way lips meet
• lower the risk of trauma

Still feeling unsure about when to schedule your child’s first orthodontic visit?Here are a few things to remember:

Their bones are still growing!
It’s much easier to correct alignment issues if the bones are still growing and haven’t settled into their permanent placement. While it is still possible to correct alignment issues with older children and adults, the process becomes much more difficult.

A check-up is not necessarily treatment.
We want to meet you and your child! It’s never too early to start developing a relationship with oral hygiene, oral health, and your oral health professional. A lot of children who start their treatments later in life come to associate oral health with pain and therefore dread going to the dentist or orthodontist. Building relationships early can encourage comfort with the process. The vast majority of the time there is no treatment needed, but it’s extremely valuable to discover something as early as possible. The earlier we discover an issue that needs attention, the easier it is!

Orthodontics is health care.
Many people don’t associate oral health with their overall general health. But just as you would see your pediatrician for well visits, your child should also see a dentist and orthodontist regularly to check up on their teeth, jaw, and gum development.

As a father himself, Dr. Angeloni has years of professional (and personal) experience working with tiny teeth. We can’t wait to meet you and your child at Angeloni Orthodontics!

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