3D Printed Custom Braces: What Are They, and What Are They Good for?

Unique customizations aren’t a new concept by any means. People have used tailors for centuries to make clothes fit to their exact specifications. There are shoe inserts and orthotics created out of mold impressions to perfectly align the contours of our feet. We alter and adjust furniture to provide the proper support that our bodies need for maximum comfort.

In each of those examples, the customized product is relatively temporary. We take off a tailored suit or dress at the end of an event, remove our shoes when we get home, and get out of a desk chair to go about our day. But what if the customized product is something that remains attached to you? That’s exactly what happens with 3D printed custom braces from manufacturers like LightForce Orthodontics. Today, we’ll explain how these systems work and detail some of the most significant advantages of having them.

What are 3D printed custom braces?

As you might have guessed by the name, 3D printed custom braces are uniquely tailored to your smile and each individual tooth crevice. Unlike traditional braces that require pre-manufactured clear or metal brackets, 3D printed custom braces are constructed following a digital mapping process that takes a complete scan of your teeth.

The scanning procedure captures extremely detailed and high-resolution 3D images that, when paired with the manufacturer’s cloud-based software, allow the orthodontist to create a treatment plan that better predicts how your teeth might respond in the future. The end result includes two 3D printed components—the tray and braces—each specifically designed to your teeth’s complexities.

What are the benefits of 3D printed custom braces?

There’s a reason why some have hailed the advent of 3D printed custom braces as the biggest innovation in orthodontic care in decades. The benefits and advantages to this type of system over traditional braces are nearly endless.

The most obvious benefit is that the braces are customized to your teeth, but that’s actually a bigger deal than you might realize. Not only do customized braces result in better outcomes, but they cut down tremendously on the time you’ll spend in the orthodontist’s chair.

Because the braces are 3D printed based on digital scans of your teeth, there’s no need for the orthodontist to painstakingly detail and bend each wire to fine-tune the positioning like with traditional braces. There are also fewer appointments throughout the course of wearing the braces because visits to reposition the brackets or make adjustments are seldom needed.

As if that isn’t good enough, custom-fit brackets are generally more comfortable to wear and can improve the product’s ability to straighten your teeth.

Interested in learning more about 3D printed custom braces?

Angeloni Orthodontics is proud to offer 3D printed custom braces for patients looking for a product tailored to their smile without some of the most common downsides of traditional braces like discomfort and long appointment times. Offering these extremely patient-friendly options is a testament to the fact that our office prides itself on providing the best possible experiences for our patients. If you’d like to learn if 3D printed custom braces are an option for you, make an appointment with Dr. Angeloni today!