Paying For Orthodontic Treatment

Quality dental work is not inexpensive, but the effects can be priceless. Healthy teeth and gums not only look great, but are also key in healing or preventing serious health problems. And giving or receiving a beautiful smile makes everyone happy!

Our top priority at Angeloni Orthodontics is the care and well-being of each patient. We do not want financial worries to prevent you from accessing the dental procedures you want or need. If you do not have dental insurance, or the insurance will not sufficiently cover costs, we are pleased to offer several methods of payment and financing.

Zero-interest Financing

A zero-interest in-house loan means there is no interest charged on your loan balance during the time period of your loan agreement. If you have not paid off your loan by the specified date, you may be responsible for interest on the remaining balance.

Angeloni Orthodontics also partners with 3rd party payers such as Lending Point and Care Credit to offer low or no down payment options and affordable monthly payments. For example, your procedure costs may total $6000, which may seem prohibitive. But a zero-interest plan requiring only $500 down, and payments totaling a little over $50 a week over two years may be affordable.

Our staff is pleased to help you set up your financing program during your office visit.

What is the Difference Between Zero Interest and Deferred Interest Loans?

The difference between the two loan types is important to understand. Carefully discuss what happens if you fail to pay off your loan by the specified date.

If you have not paid off a zero-interest loan by the end of the loan period, you must only pay interest on the remaining balance.

On the other hand, if you have not paid off a deferred interest loan in its entirety by the end of the loan period, you face interest charges on the original amount of the loan, not just on the remaining balance. The interest rate is often extremely high and can add a substantial amount to your loan balance.

Dental Insurance Plans

Check with your insurance plan about dental coverage for orthodontics. Many plans cover conventional braces and Invisalign equally, with some paying up to 50 percent of treatment costs.

Although Angeloni Orthodontics does not accept insurance, we are happy to help you prepare the claim form required by your insurance company for reimbursement of charges your plan should cover.

Another option is to use money in your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for eligible orthodontia, meaning the portion not covered by other insurance.

You and your dental health are of the utmost importance to all of us at Angeloni Orthodontics. If the cost of treatment presents a financial hardship, we promise to work with you to find a payment plan that fits your needs.

Angeloni Orthodontics is a proud member of the beautiful Winter Park community! Our office prides itself on nurturing close, personal relationships with our patients while providing services–like Invisalign–to create stunning smiles. Make an appointment with Dr. Angeloni today!